Ph.D. in Law

Programme Overview

The Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) programme in Law is an exciting and advanced academic programme that offers a unique opportunity to specialize and delve deep into various legal areas and offers an enriching journey of academic and intellectual growth in the field of law. It goes beyond conventional disciplines, allowing researchers to explore contemporary issues and tackle the challenges of our time. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Law demands not only a strong commitment to critical thinking but also a genuine passion for legal research and analysis. At its core, the Research Program in Law aims to produce competent legal researchers who can bring about potential and significant changes in the existing legal literature, policies, and practices. As research scholars, you will be empowered to tackle original research problems that have the potential to push the boundaries of legal understanding and address complex legal issues. This will involve conducting extensive reviews of literature, analysing landmark cases, studying statutes and legal philosophies, and developing innovative arguments and theories. Embarking on a Ph.D. in Law opens doors to a multitude of career opportunities allowing the graduates to pursue rewarding paths in academia as professors and researchers, where they can contribute to shaping the future generation of legal professionals. Additionally, they can find employment in think tanks, policy institutions, and government agencies, where their advanced research skills and specialized knowledge are highly valued. The skills and expertise gained during this programme provide a solid foundation for a wide range of career opportunities that require a strong legal background.

Minimum 3 Years

Applications Open for Ph.D. Autumn Semester | Last Day to Apply - 31st May 2024
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Ph.D. in Law

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