Ph.D. in Psychology

Programme Overview

Explore Advanced Specialization in Clinical, Counseling, and Industrial Psychology through the Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) program offered by the MIT-WPU Department of Liberal Arts. Tailored for postgraduate students, this program is conceived to augment and diversify skill sets, furnishing an exhaustive framework in innovative research methodologies and the pragmatic application of Psychological principles across a broad spectrum of human conditions. Engaging in cutting-edge research creates an opportunity to delve into pioneering endeavors that foster theoretical exploration in Evolution and Behavior, Cognitive Processes (attention and memory), Personality Studies, and Societal Issues (stigma and prejudices). Investigate diverse topics encompassing individual resilience, cultural influences, neurobiological and psychosocial determinants impacting behavior and health, along with life span developmental aspects of emotion and cognition. The doctoral Psychology program at MIT-WPU distinguishes itself through a unique facet — providing students access to a comprehensive array of courses and immersive experiences. This distinct feature seamlessly integrates quantitative methodologies into scholarly pursuits, thereby cultivating a nuanced skill set with interdisciplinary relevance. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology at MIT-WPU opens avenues for diverse career trajectories within academia, education, health care, industry, government, and community organizations. Graduates emerge equipped with a versatile skill set, spanning research design, data analysis, measurement, mental health assessment, treatment, program evaluation, and the innovative application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the construction of psychological tools. Actualize your academic aspirations and position yourself at the forefront of the evolving landscape of Psychology. Enroll now to unravel the academic and professional possibilities that await.

Minimum 3 Years

Applications Open for Ph.D. Autumn Semester | Last Day to Apply - 31st May 2024
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Ph.D. in Psychology

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