The MIT-WPU placement cell works with all divisions across the university. The principal objective is to upskills and add value to our students aid them in making appropriate decisions for their future career aspirations.

The Placement Cell offers complete support to students with respect to engaging with visiting recruiters at every stage of placement process. Preparation for Written Tests, Interviews, Pre-Placement interactions, and Group Discussions are made as per the requirement of the recruiter organizations.

  • MIT-WPU placements cell supports students to prepare for their upcoming step into the professional world and helps them get placed in a job profile they aspire for in line with their qualifications and skills.
  • 80%

    Median Placement Ratio

  • 51.36 Lakh

    Highest CTC

  • 7 Lakh

    Average Placement CTC

Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

  • To organize campus interviews for final year students from all over India.
  • Train students in Aptitude tests, group discussions, technical interviews through professional trainers
  • Conduct career counselling sessions by organising expert sessions with expert industry professionals and influencers
  • Maintaining consistent engagements with the industry through Guest Lectures, Conferences, Seminars, etc.
  • Provide needed training to students in the area of requisite soft skills
  • Work together with the industry for live capstone projects, Research, Workshops and industrial visits.

Competitive Exam Preparation

MIT-WPU continually grooms students to prepare and qualify for all relative competitive exams, the university, however, does not provide any kind of privately endorsed internal or external coaching for these exams.
Competitive Exam Preparation
Higher Studies Preparation
Students can opt for higher studies within the country or internationally.

The MIT-WPU training team is equipped with onboard counsellors who understand the students’ requirements and can recommend on the further course of education with respect to preparation for higher studies in India and abroad.

Domains of Training
IT Skills

MIT-WPU team takes assistance from cross functional academic teams and ties up with external vendors for the same.

Aptitude Skills

Aptitude is the first level of filtration for recruitment at MIT-WPU, for which the training team is adept at.

Soft Skills
  • Communications
  • GD & Interviews
  • Mock Placements
  • Verbal Training
  • Behavioural Training
Placement Service Highlights
  • Need-based and customized to student requirements
  • Mock Tests
  • Weekend Workshops
  • Doubt-Clearing Sessions
  • Periodic Evaluation of Programme Effectiveness
  • Highly Experienced Team of Trainers
  • Periodic Sessions with Visiting Career Experts and Influencers
  • Inhouse-faculty mentoring
Placement Service Highlights
Contact us

Engineering and Computer Sciences

Name: Sajeeb Biswal
Contact: +91 8055739221

Management and Leadership

Name: Ravindra Bohra
Contact: +91 8830526490

Health Sciences (Pharmacy) & Sciences / Liberal Arts, Design, Law and other Professional Studies

Name: Shobana Anand
Contact: +91 9922961195

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