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Amazon hired 3 of our B.Tech students for 44.14 LPA, highest package so far at MITWPU.

Our students being placed with some of the best brands in the world such as IBM, HCL, Michelin India, Amdocs, Infosys, ONGC, Hitachi, and Barclays, Rakuten to name a few.

Students belonging to the School of Management PG, have been placed in some of the most respected and esteemed companies globally such as Axis Bank, Adani Wilmar, Thermax, ITC Ltd, TCS, Times Group and Larsen and Toubro to name a few.



CIAP Placement

While the covid pandemic was a huge challenge facing the entire world, the MITWPU CIAP team took it as an opportunity to prove our dedication to the careers of our students.

So far, in excess of 850 students from engineering and over 750 management students have been placed, the pandemic notwithstanding! Among the companies that we have placed our students include the likes of IBM, HCL, Michelin India, Amdocs, Infosys, ONGC, Hitachi, Barclays, Axis Bank, Adani Wilmar, Thermax, ITC Ltd, TCS, Times Group and Larsen and Toubro to name a few. Rakuten, a Japanese company selected 2 of our students with CTC 37.26 L p.a, the highest CTC ever offered on campus so far. This is only possible due to the flexibility and willingness to adapt shown by CIAP and placements team. Not only that but there is an average increase of 20% in the salaries this year.

Our commitment to the future and welfare of our students is what motivates us through the pandemic and any other disaster that may befall us. It is not the bottom line, but the aspirations of our students that ensures we give our best to ensure that their dreams come true.



About Career Services

MIT-WPU believes in providing not just placement opportunities and services for our students, rather we believe in ‘Career Services’. ‘Career services’ include placements, higher studies, internships, entrepreneur support as well as career guidance and advice. We at MIT-WPU believe that there are multiple facets to each individual and that we must foster them all for their progress.

We at career services excel at preparing the students for aptitude tests, group discussions, personal interviews, resume building and presentation skills to enhance their self-confidence and prepare them to successfully face the highly competitive placement processes. Our team works round to clock to match the requirements of the industry as well as the capabilities and interests of the students.



Contact Details 

Contact Person : Mr. Jitendra Gadhvi

Designation: Director - Career Services & Internship

Centre for Industry-Academia Partnerships

E Mail :

Mobile: 9904405990


Contact Person : Mr. Shankar Rane

Designation: Associate Director – Industry Partnerships

Centre for Industry-Academia Partnerships (CIAP)

E Mail :

Mobile: 9225525502

Package details for 2021 and 2022 Passedout Batch ( In Lacs)

  2020-2021 2021-2022
School Average CTC  Received
CTC Received
Average CTC  Received
CTC Received
School of Computer Engineering & Technology 5.56 12.08 7.25 44.14
School of Electronics & Communication Engineering 4.95 9.00 5.54 10.00
School of Electrical Engineering 4.55 7.60 4.92 8.00
School of Civil Engineering 3.02 6.00 4.85 8.00
School of Mechanical Engineering 4.15 11.00 5.00 12.00
School of Chemical Engineering 3.99 6.50 5.32 8.00
School of Petroleum Engineering 6.29 13.00 7.93 14.00
School of Polymer Engineering  4.08 5.00 5.80 7.50
School of Information Technology NA NA 5.60 8.00
School of Polytechnic 1.96 2.50 NA NA
School of Computer Science 3.86 11.17 4.64 10.00
Division - Engineering & Technology 4.86 13.00 5.96 44.14
School of Economics 2.58 3.36 5.77 11.16
School of Commerce 4.26 10.75 3.11 5.00
School of Management UG 3.03 10.75 4.23 11.16
School of Management MCA 5.19 8.30 5.11 8.00
School of Management MBA 4.77 12.00 5.92 30.00
Division - Business & Leadership 4.37 12.00 5.40 30.00
School of Mathematics & Statistics 3.95 10.50 4.46 8.00
School of Biology NA NA 4.27 5.50
School of Chemistry NA NA 4.61 5.00
School of Physics NA NA 3.77 4.86
School of Pharmacy 2.69 4.00 3.58 4.50
School of Sustainability Studies NA NA 5.00 5.00
Division - Sciences & Health Sciences 2.97 10.50 4.02 8.00
School of Design NA NA 9.23 20.00
School of Education 2.07 4.20 2.65 4.32
School of Fine Arts NA NA NA NA
School of Journalism & Mass Communication 1.94 3.00 NA NA
School of Liberal Arts 3.36 3.36 4.00 4.00
Division - Arts, Humanities & Prof. Studies 2.08 4.20 7.00 20.00
MITWPU 4.52 13.00 5.65 44.14

Package details for 2020 Passedout Batch ( In Lacs)

School Highest Package Received Average Package Received
School of Management (MBA) 30 5.01
School of Management (MCA) 8.25 5.00
School of Management UG 10 3.81
School of Engineering 37.26 5.02
Faculty of Sciences 8.37 3.40
School of Education 4.20 3.24
School of Liberal Arts - -
School of Pharmacy 4.00 2.95
Faculty of Commerce 10 3.31
School of Media & Journalism 4.20 2.65
School of Economics 11.16 4.5
School of Engineering: PG 10.00 5.03

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