Student Clubs

MIT World Peace University is well-known for its vibrant clubs and societies that bring students’ community together while contributing to the university’s unique character and academic excellence.

The Hobby Clubs

When students join a hobby club, they become part of a group of like-minded people who not only go forward to nurture their hobbies but also to explore the world together.


Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts Club at MIT World Peace University is a unique platform that provides students with a unique opportunity to act, direct, and produce plays and allied theatrical and musical productions. The club also organizes various field trips to professional theatre productions, and workshops.

Other Clubs

The club formations and activities are not limited only to performing arts, but go beyond that covering various other genres. Music Club, Dance Club, and Writers’ Club are some of them.

Music Club

The Music Club at MIT World Peace University gives students an opportunity to learn and play a large number of musical instruments. The club is run either by a professional music teacher or a volunteer who is well-versed with the art and science of music.


Writers Club

Anyone who has an interest and flair for writing can be a member of Writing Club at the University. Some of the activities of the club include short stories, essays, articles, serial stories, and poetry etc.


Dance Club

The Dance Club at MIT World Peace University aims at elevating and advancing dance as an art with focus on all its educational aspects. The club brings out the students’ hidden talent by providing them with an encouraging platform.

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