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For detail rules and regulations, please refer Examination Ordinances

Examination Instructions:

Term End Examination Instructions for Candidates to be followed while in the examination hall are as below:

  • Make sure that you are not in possession of any objectionable material such as books, notebooks, smart watches, electronic gadgets, scribbled notes, mobile, written chit, which may tempt you to copy or use as a reminder. Read the instructions given in the answer book and question paper carefully before attempting the examination.

  • Please do not take away with you answer book or supplement- either used or blank while leaving the Examination Hall.

  • Please do not speak or communicate in any way with any other candidate in the examination hall while the examination is going on.

  • Please do not defy any instructions issued to you by the Senior or the Junior Supervisor.

  • Any specific instructions are given by the Senior Supervisor OR the Junior Supervisor at the time of examination in case of open book or computer-based examination is to be followed.

  • Students are directed to behave politely and respectfully when questioned by the Supervisor or Anti Cheating Squad or any other official.

  • Please do not carry the Mobile phone in Examination Hall. It is strictly prohibited even when switched off.

  • Please do not write on the body, clothes, drawing equipment, bench, writing pad, OR anywhere other than Answer Sheet. Use one of the pages of the answer sheet for rough work.

  • Please do not write anything on question paper except tick mark on question number for your reminder of having attempted the question. In case of multiple choice questions DO NOT mark the selected choice.

  • Please do not leave the examination hall without handing over the answer sheet to junior supervisor and without permission of the junior supervisor.

  • After the end of examination do not leave examination hall unless announced by junior supervisor.

  • Please do not write your name, roll number of any identity inside answer book except the place provided on the front cover.

Malpractices during the examination will lead to the punishment as per the rules up to Suspension / Rustification from the program with no claim on fees refund. Any affray or mass copying could lead to registration of Police Complaint against the individual causing a disturbance.

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