WPU School of Engineering and Technology

At the WPU School of Engineering & Technology at MIT-WPU, students receive a stellar engineering education that transcends traditional boundaries. What sets the school apart is its multifaceted approach, aimed at prioritising extensive exposure to industry practices, both at national & international levels, through immersive programmes, hands-on industrial internships, engaging capstone projects, & electives spanning various disciplines. The educational philosophy at the school revolves around active learning methodologies, encompassing Problem-Based Learning (PBL), experiential learning, & collaborative learning. These approaches enable students to explore their chosen fields in depth, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the engineering landscape. This also ensures that aspiring engineers gain both a solid core knowledge base & a broad understanding of interdisciplinary insights, preparing them for dynamic careers in the field of engineering & technology. The WPU School of Engineering and Technology brings extensive experience to the classroom, delivering a high- quality learning experience for students. They also foster strong connections between academia & industry, ensuring that students are not only technically proficient but also industry-ready. As a result of this comprehensive approach, graduates of the WPU School of Engineering & Technology at MIT-WPU are exceptionally well-prepared for a wide array of impactful careers in engineering. They possess the skills & knowledge necessary to address complex challenges, excel in team-based environments, think critically, & assume leadership roles, both on a national & global scale.

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