Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of a student for each course shall be based on his/her performance in formative (internal assessment) and summative (Term End Examination) assessments, taken together.

Guidelines for the weightage of Formative and Summative Assessment.

Assessment Formative Summative Total
Type FAT 1 MID TERM FAT 2    
Weightage 15% 30% 15% 40% 100%
  • The faculties shall be empowered to design and define the assessment method as per the course requirement and CO attainment.

  • Unique assessment treatment to each course shall further strengthen the University assessment.

  • Every course shall have credits assigned.

  • Any course when assigned a grade S (Satisfactory) or NS (Not Satisfactory) shall not be considered for CGPA.

  • Courses with 1 credit shall have only formative assessments. Summative examination is not recommended.

  • For MOOC, the learning can be imparted through the platform. The assessment of MOOC shall be carried out as per the MOOC Policy of the University.

  • The assessment to be mapped with CO. The CO attainment analysis shall be available through Examination Management System.

Central Assessment Program (CAP)

  • On-screen evaluation of answer sheets.

  • The digital record of all the answer sheets shall be maintained at the Examination Management System.

Passing Criteria

The student should score 40% marks in formative assessments AND 40% marks in Summative assessments separately to pass in that respective course. The passing criteria for published by the regulatory shall be applicable for the respective faculty, if any. For the programs falling under regulatory bodies such as Pharmacy Council of India, Bar Council of India or any other shall be governed by the respective passing criteria.

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