MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is a prestigious world-class institution of higher education in India, boasting a remarkable 40-year legacy dedicated to fostering excellence in academics. With a global alumni network comprising over 1,00,000 professionals, MIT-WPU has consistently delivered outstanding educational outcomes. The institution offers over 150 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are thoughtfully designed to strike a balance between theoretical foundations and practical application. The pedagogical approach prioritises experiential learning, empowering students to translate knowledge into real-world skills. This is facilitated through immersive internships and invaluable mentor-mentee insights that serve as catalysts for personal and professional growth.


Top Rankings and Accreditation

At MIT-WPU, we provide students with unparalleled experiential learning opportunities that seamlessly blend academic offerings with courses in Peace Studies, yoga and meditation. Students here get diverse range of sporting opportunities, immersion programmes, internships and year-round on-campus events and cultural clubs all geared towards fostering the holistic development of our students.


acres of area with world class infrastructure and amenities

Spanning across 65 sprawling acres, MIT-WPU is proud to host a collection of industry-sponsored labs that drive groundbreaking research, solidifying our position as one of the foremost universities for scholarly excellence. Our institution thrives in a distinctive academic setting that promotes cross-disciplinary research, actively cultivating an environment where we not only support the pursuit of knowledge but also prioritize discoveries with profound global implications.

We Believe

The union of Science and Spirituality alone will bring peace to mankind

Our Vision

'Powering The Future'
Effecting sustainable, inclusive, and progressive transformation that impacts society with education, innovation, and culture.

Our Mission

  • Me-Culture in our shared commitment to lead by example
  • We-Culture of empathy and compassion, reflected in our focus on improving the current state of affairs
  • Co-Culture in our interdisciplinary and collaborative approach

Our Values

  • EXCELLENCE : Our distinctive work ethic and pedagogy and our commitment to academic excellence creating value for our students, our people and our communities
  • CREATIVITY : Our affinity to fresh ideas and new forms of expression, intellectual progressiveness, willingness to take on challenges and our entrepreneurial spirit
  • EMPATHY & COMPASSION : Our core values and our primary focus of uplifting the human condition in all our endeavors
  • INCLUSION : A warm culture and nurturing climate that identifies, welcomes and advances deserving and talented individuals from diverse backgrounds helping them achieve excellence
  • INTEGRITY : Our absolute commitment to the highest standards of personal and professional behavior and ethics, and our commitment to transparency and accountability in everything we do
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