BBA Banking Finance and Insurance

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Banking, Finance, and Insurance at MIT-WPU is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programme designed for students aspiring to gain deep insights into the dynamic sectors of banking, finance, and insurance—offering triple specialisation. This comprehensive programme immerses students in the intricacies of these domains, fostering the knowledge and skills essential for success in the financial and insurance sectors. Mandatory Internships with prestigious institutions like RBI, SBI, BOI, HDFC, AXIS, ICICI, and YES Bank provide invaluable hands-on experience, offering a real-world understanding of the financial industry. This exposure aids in building a robust foundation for future careers. The program emphasizes comprehensive placement assistance, ensuring students are well-prepared and confident in navigating corporate landscapes. Moreover, students benefit from specialized training tailored for competitive exams IIBF, enhancing their prospects in these sectors. The comprehensive curriculum, industry partnerships, and focus on practical experience equip graduates for successful careers in these vital sectors of the economy. Engaging in projects and interactive sessions with industry experts enriches the learning journey. This approach ensures students build a strong foundation from the start of the programme, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic fields of banking, finance, and insurance.

3 Years

Last Date to Apply : 10 May 2024
Programme Name

BBA Banking Finance and Insurance

Fee Per Year

Rs. 2,85,000

Highest CTC
INR 11.17 LPA

Scholarship Name MIT-WPU CET CBT Score
Dr. Vishwanath Karad Scholarship(100%) 90 & Above
MIT-WPU Scholarship I (50%) 88 & Above
MIT-WPU Scholarship II (25%) 85 & Above

Scholarship DetailsScholarship Details

*Terms & Conditions apply:

All Scholarships are awarded on a First Come First Serve basis All Scholarships are awarded as fee adjustments.

To continue the scholarship for the entire duration of the programme, a minimum level of the academic score has to be maintained at an 8 CGPA across all semesters attendance is to be maintained at a minimum of 80 percent there should be no disciplinary action against the student.

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Minimum 50% aggregate score in 10+2/Class 12th or in equivalent examination with English subject in any stream from Govt. Approved Institution or equivalent (at least 45% marks, in case of Reserved Class category candidate belonging to Maharashtra State only)
Minimum 60% aggregate score in 3-year Diploma from any Govt approved Institution or equivalent with English as a subject.
Minimum 60% aggregate score in Competency and Vocational Courses (MCVC) from any Govt approved Institution or equivalent with English as a subject.
Note: All International Baccalaureate (IB) students are required to score a minimum of 24 points for six subjects

Selection Process

The selection process for the programme is based on MIT-WPU CET Entrance Exam 2024 & Personal Interaction (PI) score.

Programme Highlights
  • Holistic Business Foundation: The program offers a solid grounding in fundamental business disciplines such as management, marketing, accounting, and economics. This comprehensive knowledge equips graduates with a well-rounded understanding of business operations and strategy. From Critical Thinking, Yoga, Peace Courses, and Learning to learn to enhance the spiritual quotient and thinking of students.
  • Specialized Financial Expertise: Alongside core business subjects, students gain in-depth knowledge of banking, finance, and insurance. This specialization hones their skills in financial analysis, risk management, investment strategies, and financial planning, making them sought-after professionals in the financial sector.
  • Real-World Application: The curriculum often incorporates real-world case studies, simulations, projects based learning, Internship etc. This approach enables students to apply theoretical concepts to actual financial scenarios, enhancing their problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills:Graduates develop skills highly valued in the financial services industry, such as financial modeling, credit assessment, portfolio management, insurance underwriting, and regulatory compliance. These skills make them stand out as capable professionals ready to contribute immediately.
  • Versatile Career Opportunities: The specialisation opens doors to various career paths, from banking and corporate finance to insurance and financial consultancy. This versatility allows graduates to explore a range of roles based on their interests and strengths.
  • Meeting Industry Demands: As the financial landscape evolves, there is a growing demand for professionals who understand both the broader business context and the intricacies of banking, finance, and insurance. This specialization caters to this demand, making graduates highly relevant in a competitive job market.
  • Networking Opportunities: The BBA BFI programme facilitates connections with industry professionals through guest lectures, workshops, internships, and industry partnerships. These networking opportunities provide students with valuable insights and potential job prospects.
  • Preparation for Certifications:The program often aligns with requirements for industry-recognized certifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), National Institute of Securities Market (NiSM) Certifications and NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM).This enables graduates to pursue advanced qualifications and enhance their career prospects.
  • Global Perspective:The financial services industry operates on a global scale. A BBA in Banking, Finance, and Insurance can provide a global perspective on financial markets, international trade, and cross-border transactions, making graduates valuable assets in an increasingly interconnected world.
  • A dedicated Centre for Industry-Academia Partnerships (CIAP) offers personalized guidance and assistance for internships and job placements, ensuring a seamless transition into the professional sphere.
  • Rural, National, and international immersion programs sensitize students to ground-level realities, equipping them to solve complex societal problems.
Placements & Recruiters
100% placement assistance
Top Recruiters
Programme Outcomes
  • Understanding of Financial Principles:Gain a solid foundation in financial concepts, including Banking, Accounting, Economics, and Financial management.
  • Develop an understanding of financial markets and instruments.
  • Banking and Insurance Knowledge:Acquire knowledge of banking operations, services, and regulations.
  • Understand the principles of insurance, risk management, and the insurance industry.
  • Financial Analysis and Decision-Making:Develop analytical skills to assess financial data and make informed business decisions.
  • Learn how to evaluate investment opportunities and manage financial risks.
  • Risk Management:Understand the principles of risk identification, assessment, and mitigation in the context of banking, finance, and insurance.
  • Risk Management:Gain awareness of the regulatory environment governing the financial and insurance sectors.
  • Understand and adhere to legal and ethical standards in financial services.
  • Communication Skills:Develop effective communication skills, both written and verbal, to convey complex financial information to various stakeholders.
  • Professionalism and Ethics:Cultivate a strong sense of professionalism and ethical behavior in the financial industry.
  • Understand the importance of integrity and accountability in financial decision-making.
  • Customer Relationship Management:Learn how to build and maintain relationships with clients in the financial and insurance sectors.
  • Develop customer service skills to address client needs and concerns.
  • Technology and Innovation:Stay abreast of technological advancements in the financial industry.
  • Understand how to leverage technology for financial analysis, transactions, and risk management.
  • Internship or Practical Experience: Gain hands-on experience through internships or practical training in financial institutions, banks, or insurance companies.
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