Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Nirupama Kocherlakota

Associate Director - International Affairs

Dear Friends

MIT-WPU stands at the forefront of transforming higher education in India into a global experience. In an era shaped by globalization, our commitment to internationalization is unwavering. Through strategic collaborations with renowned universities worldwide, we've woven a rich tapestry of intercultural and international dimensions into our student learning ecosystem.

As the gateway to global learning in India, we've partnered with top-tier institutions, offering our staff, students, and the entire university unique advantages and cohesive growth opportunities. These partnerships serve as conduits for pioneering research and the seamless exchange of knowledge, propelling our academic progress.

We've witnessed a surge in students' interest in studying abroad, a testament to the global mindset we cultivate. Each year, international scholars, faculty, and industry experts visit our campus, imparting diverse teaching methodologies and global insights, enriching our students' academic journeys.

Our vision is to create a world where students become cultural ambassadors, where learning thrives on active participation, and where professional growth sparks positive social change. With a mission to provide immersive global education, establish a vast network of international partners, and foster real-world experiences, MIT-WPU is poised to lead India into a new era of globalized education.

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