Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Dr. Pravin Patil

Director - CGAP - MIT-WPU

Dear Friends

We as an institution believe that increased awareness of global awareness and contexts has a greater significance in the ever-changing global scenario. This can happen by taking few conscious steps towards internationalization efforts that include the increased interaction with foreign institutions/ universities, renowned faculties, and researchers across the globe.

To inspire students and faculty, MIT-WPU is working with various universities of global repute across the world. Our approach in collaborating with universities has been outcome focused. Considering the wide range of programs that we offer to the students, we aspire to partner with universities in the areas of interest or domains that help students improve their capabilities in the context of international, inter-cultural and global dimensions.

In our journey of collaborating with institutions, we take our institutional values in our approach, we are inspired and encouraged by our leadership that nurtures the spirit of cooperation with the objective of enriching the lives of learners.

As an institution, we feel that internationalization has a great scope for the students, faculty, and researchers. Having over four decades of legacy in imparting higher education, MIT-WPU strives to create opportunities in the areas that include student exchange programmes, semester abroad programmes, articulation or dual degree programmes, joint research programmes and collaborating with foreign faculties who can offer the teaching that would help students to gain global perspectives. There is no end to the spectrum of opportunities that remain to be explored, for as the need for globalization grows, the need for internationalization will have an even wider scope.

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