Collaboration Alert: Department of Media and Communication Joins Forces with Sakal Media Group
Apr 17, 2024
Collaboration Alert: Department of Media and Communication Joins Forces with Sakal Media Group

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between the Department of Media and Communication and the Sakal Media Group. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) marks the beginning of a dynamic relationship aimed at fostering professional growth and enriching opportunities for our students.

Here's what this collaboration entails:

1.Cultivating Professional Relationships: Through this alliance, both organizations are committed to nurturing a strong professional bond, and facilitating mutual growth and development.

2. Internship and Job Opportunities: Students now have the chance to gain invaluable hands-on experience through internships and potential employment opportunities within the Sakal Media Group, a leading name in the industry.

3. Industry Visits: Immerse yourself in the real-world workings of the media industry with exclusive visits to Sakal Media Group's facilities. Witness firsthand the processes and technologies driving the media landscape today.

4. Academic Workshops: Elevate your learning experience with specialized workshops conducted by industry experts from Sakal Media Group. The professionals directly give insights into emerging trends, techniques, and best practices.

5. Live Training: Dive into the heart of media operations with live training sessions designed to provide practical knowledge and skills. Learn from the best in the business and prepare yourself for the demands of the media industry.

6. Hands-On Sessions: Put theory into practice with hands-on sessions to equip you with the necessary tools and expertise.

This MoU opens up a world of opportunities for our students, empowering them to thrive in today's dynamic media landscape. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Sakal Media Group and the countless possibilities it holds for our aspiring media professionals.


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