Dr. Arti Ashish Khaparde
Dr. Arti Ashish Khaparde


Dr. Arti Khaparde is a highly qualified professional with 23 years of experience, including 13 years post-PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He has supervised and guided six PhD candidates, with one submitted thesis. Dr. Khaparde has been granted one Australian, two Indian, and one German patent, with one published and one South African and one Indian patent in the process of filing. He has authored 86 publications, including international and national journal/conference papers, a book, and a book chapter. Dr. Khaparde has received numerous awards, including two best teacher awards, two awards for research and innovation, and two best paper awards. He has been ratified by JNTU, Hyderabad, for the post of Principal and recently registered a start-up named “Ojonidhi Women Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” Dr. Khaparde has completed multiple certifications and a master's program in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Research Area
AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer vision, Biomedical Image Processing

1. Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Using Single Dimension Change Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization for Subspace Partitioning
Ghorpade, K. and Khaparde, A.
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, 2023(in-press)

2. Comparative analysis of 5 regions over 13 regions bone age assessment via TW3 method with deep learning
Deshmukh, S. and Khaparde, A.
Research on Biomedical Engineering, 2022, 38(3), pp. 871–900

3. Estimation of Nonhomogeneous Noise in 2D Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Shukla, V., Khandekar, P., and Khaparde, A.
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, 2022, 32(4), pp. 1357–1372

Ghorpade, K. and Khaparde, A.
ASEAN Engineering Journal, 2022, 12(1), pp. 83–91

5, Multi-objective segmentation approach for bone age assessment using parameter tuning-based U-net architecture
Deshmukh, S. and Khaparde, A.
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2022, 81(5), pp. 6755–6800

6. Time-Variant Satellite Vegetation Classification Enabled by Hybrid Metaheuristic-Based Adaptive Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping
Kumawat, M. and Khaparde, A.
International Journal of Image and Graphics, 2022, 2450016 (in-press)

7. Adaptive hough transform with optimized deep learning followed by dynamic time warping for hand gesture recognition
Kowdiki, M. and Khaparde, A.
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2022, 81(2), pp. 2095–2126

8. Faster Region-Convolutional Neural network oriented feature learning with optimal trained Recurrent Neural Network for bone age assessment for pediatrics
Deshmukh, S. and Khaparde, A.
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 2022, 71, 103016

9. Power optimisation of single phase clocked feedback D flip-flop for CDMA
Gajare, Y. and Khaparde, A.
International Journal of Electronics Letters, 2022, 10(3), pp. 354–366

10. Automatic hand gesture recognition using hybrid meta-heuristic-based feature selection and classification with Dynamic Time Warping
Kowdiki, M. and Khaparde, A.
Computer Science Review, 2021, 39, 100320

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