Mrs. Anagha Mukul Khare
Assistant Professor
Mrs. Anagha Mukul Khare


Prof. Anagha Khare is an experienced educator with 28 years of teaching at MIT-WPU. She is an Assistant Professor in the Polymer Engineering and has supervised numerous final year projects, some in collaboration with prestigious organizations like Tata Motors and NCL. Prof. Khare has published extensively in international journals and has presented her work at conferences worldwide. She has also co-authored two patents and a book chapter. Anagha's expertise lies in Polymer Characterization, Rheology, Testing, Blends, and more. She is currently involved in an international project on Bio Fresh Packaging funded by DBT and in collaboration with the UK.

Research Area
Testing and Characterization , Blends , Structure Property Relationship , etc.

1.Studies towards producing Eco-Friendly Plastics “, Sage Publication, Plastic Film and Sheeting, Vol. 22,pg. 193-211,No. 3,July 2006. 
2. Novel In situ Nanofirous Reinforced All Polymer Polypropylene-Nylon Composite, S.Radhakrishnan, S.Jain, A.Khare, Nanotechnology 2013, Vol.1 : Advanced Materials, Edt.NSTI, CRC Press, NY 2013, Chpt.7., p.601 (ISBN 978-1-4822-0581-7)

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