Jan 21, 2023
Higher Education Foundation
Higher Education Foundation
The Higher Education Foundation, which has been established and being run by
the Indian Diaspora in the US and is supported by some of the reputed private
universities in India, organised a ‘Workshop’ on strategising and transforming
higher education in India in collaboration with MIT World Peace University (MIT-
WPU). The workshop was held in Pune from January 21-23, 2023.
The workshop aimed to catalyse the transformation of Higher Education in India
through open dialogue between academicians and educationists from India and
across the Globe. This mission aims to harness the collective wisdom of the
academicians to bring back the lost glory of the Indian Higher Education System.
The Workshop brings in ‘Collaborative Competitiveness’ among all Indian
private universities with objectives (i) to design strategic framework for creating
co-learning harmony among Indian private universities, and (ii) to infuse and
strengthen the overall ecosystem of Indian private universities with healthy and
selfless psyche of competition.
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