Nov 29, 2022
Co-creation Programme
Co-creation Programme

MITWPU held a 5 days Co-creation program where around 6500 students of the first year participated, collaborated and sought out necessary solutions for the societal problems. This program was held for students to identify & analyze societal problems and develop practical solutions through critical & strategic thinking. The objectives of this program were:

  • To stimulate reflexive, autonomous thinking in students
  • To enhance the analytical skills of students
  • To develop basic research skills in students
  • To sharpen their critical awareness of societal issues, as well as innovative design skills which could lead to socially robust solutions.
  • To maintain and stimulate the curiosity, confidence and overall wellbeing in students while they are learning with us.

Under this programme, the faculty members are also trained to supervise and guide students as well. This helps students to gain the most out of this experience through practical learning along with proper guidance.

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