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Janhavi Vinod Shrungare
Janhavi Vinod Shrungare

Student, BBA, LL.B. (Hons)

Meet Janhavi Vinod Shrungare, the radiant runway model!
Her achievements
  • In January 2022, Janhavi was crowned "Miss Most Beautiful" at India's Runway Walk Title.
  • At India's Runway Walk, Janhavi won the hearts of the judges with her confidence, uniqueness, and Cinderella-like attire.
Her inspiration
  • Janhavi is inspired by Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe in 2021, and wishes to make India proud just like her!
Family: Her support system

Janhavi’s family has been the biggest source of motivation and encouragement for her in this inspiring journey.

Janhavi Vinod Shrungare
Janhavi Vinod Shrungare
What’s next?

Living the best of both worlds, Janhavi wants to balance her career in law while continuing to pursue her love for the runway and acting

MIT-WPU congratulates Janhavi for her efforts and achievements!

A confident and bubbly fashionista, Janhavi Vinod Shrungare proves that all you need to follow your dreams is the courage to take that first step. Now inclined to foray into acting, MIT-WPU wishes her all the best in her future journey towards achieving even greater milestones!

Janhavi is one of the many students at MIT-WPU who inspire us to take a chance and live our lives to the fullest. To read their stories, click on: Student Achievements

Janhavi Vinod Shrungare
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