Student Achievements

Akanksha Verma
Akanksha Verma

Student, LLB- 1st Year at MIT-WPU

Meet Akanksha Verma, out eloquent author!
Her achievements
  • Co-authored four books, including ‘Winging Thoughts’ and ‘Unspoken Words’ from April to October 2022.
  • Awarded "Best Co-Author of the Year", in August-2022 by Wordsmith Publisher.
Her Journey
  • Akanksha discovered her love for writing while consoling with lockdown victims.
  • She touched many hearts with her motivating and relatable philosophical Instagram posts and started getting calls for co-authoring books.
Family: Her support system

Akanksha’s parents supported her when she followed her heart instead of becoming a doctor, despite passing her NEET exams. They are her biggest cheerleaders and love highlighting her poetic achievements.

Akansha Verma
Akansha Verma
What’s next?

Akanksha is now gearing up to publish her own book, ‘Mirror of Life’ which will be out for release by November 2022.

It will soon be available on Amazon, Kindle, and Google Play Books.

We laud Akanksha for her efforts and for making the MIT-WPU community proud!

In a span of just six months, Akanksha Verma has made an indelible mark in the field of English literature. She is a prime example of someone who turned their dreams into reality in a short span of time. She wishes to reach millions of children through her poetries published in NCERT and ICSE books.

Akanksha is just one of many such students who have made MIT-WPU beam with pride. To read their stories, click on: Student Achievements

Akansha Verma
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