B.Des. (Animation and VFX Design)

Programme Overview

The B.Des. (Animation and VFX Design) at MIT-WPU is an innovative programme blending the artistry of storytelling with cutting-edge technology, tailored for future leaders in the animation and visual effects industries. This programme fosters a deep understanding of narrative techniques, character development, and immersive world-building. Students gain proficiency in industry-standard software, mastering skills in 3D modelling, animation, and advanced visual effects.

The curriculum provides a comprehensive view of animation and VFX history, alongside contemporary practices and emerging trends, ensuring students are well-versed in all aspects of the field. A significant focus is placed on user-centric and culturally responsive design, encouraging creations that resonate with diverse audiences and uphold ethical storytelling standards. The interdisciplinary nature of the course promotes collaboration on real-world projects, often in partnership with industry leaders, providing invaluable practical experience.

The programme also embraces emerging technologies like virtual reality and AI, preparing students for the evolving landscape of digital media. Additionally, it emphasises sustainable and ethical practices in digital creation. Students of this programme are not just technically adept, but are also visionary storytellers, equipped to innovate and make a significant impact in the animation and VFX sectors.

4 Years

Last Date To Apply : 28 July 2024
Programme Name

B.Des. (Animation and VFX Design)

Fee Per Year

Rs. 4,05,000

Scholarship for AY 2024-25 MIT-WPU CET CBT Score UCEED Rank 
Dr. Vishwanath Karad Scholarship (100%) 93 & Above Upto 800 All India Rank 
MIT-WPU Scholarship I (50%) 91 & Above 801-2000 All India Rank 
MIT-WPU Scholarship II (25%) 90 & Above 2001 to 2500 All India Rank

Note: Student will be entitled to only one of the scholarships based on MIT-WPU CET 2024 CBT (Computer Based Test) Score or UCEED 2024.

Scholarship Detailsbharatasmita

*Terms & Conditions apply:

To continue the scholarship for the entire duration of the programme, a minimum level of the academic score has to be maintained at an 8 CGPA across all semesters, attendance is to be maintained at a minimum of 80 percent and there should be no disciplinary action against the student.


Minimum 50% aggregate score in 10+2/Class 12th or in equivalent examination (at least 45% marks, in case of Reserved Class category candidate belonging to Maharashtra State only)
Valid score in MIT-WPU CET 2024 / UCEED 2024 / NIFT 2024 / NATA 2024 / NID 2024

Selection Process

Admissions will be provided purely based on merit of MIT-WPU CET 2024 / UCEED 2024 / NIFT 2024 / NATA 2024 / NID 2024 score, Personal Interaction (PI) and Portfolio Review as per the schedule.

Programme Highlights
  • Cutting-Edge Animation and VFX Techniques: Students are equipped with advanced skills in animation and visual effects, including the latest in 3D modelling, motion capture, and CGI, ensuring proficiency in contemporary digital storytelling tools.
  • Real-World Project Engagement: The programme emphasises applying theoretical knowledge to practical challenges, enabling students to create compelling and technically sophisticated animations and visual effects for real-world applications.
  • Industry Connections and Professional Networking: Students gain valuable exposure to the animation and VFX industry, with opportunities to connect with professionals and organisations, enhancing their career prospects and professional network.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: By integrating principles of storytelling, character design, digital technology, and visual aesthetics, the programme offers a rich, multidisciplinary educational experience.
  • Collaborative Studio Environment: The curriculum fosters a dynamic and immersive learning atmosphere, where students engage in hands-on projects, often in collaboration with industry partners, to develop practical skills and creativity.
  • Extracurricular Opportunities: Students are encouraged to participate in animation and VFX clubs and activities, which aid in developing leadership, teamwork, and additional skills pertinent to their field.
  • Emphasis on Emerging Technologies and Trends: The programme stays ahead of industry trends by incorporating emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality, preparing students for the future of animation and VFX.
  • Strong Industry-Academia Integration: Students benefit from internships and placement opportunities with leading studios and organisations in the animation and VFX sector, providing real-world experience and career advancement.
  • Mentorship and Alumni Network: Access to an extensive network of alumni offers mentorship and guidance, supporting students in both academic and professional development.
  • Support for Creative Entrepreneurship: The programme encourages entrepreneurial endeavours in animation and VFX, providing resources like mentorship and incubation support through connections with technology and business incubators, fostering innovation and start-up growth.
Programme Outcomes
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a wide range of animation techniques, including 2D and 3D animation, character animation, and motion graphics
  • Master visual effects (VFX) skills, including compositing, CGI integration, and special effects, to create captivating and realistic visual sequences
  • Develop strong storytelling abilities, enabling them to craft engaging narratives using animation and VFX
  • Excel in using industry-standard animation and VFX software and tools, ensuring technical competence in these fields
  • Possess a deep understanding of visual design principles, including colour theory, composition, and aesthetics
  • Be well-prepared for careers in film, television, gaming, and other media industries, where animation and VFX are integral components
  • Excel in collaborative teamwork, effectively contributing to multidisciplinary projects simulating real industrial environments
  • Be encouraged to explore innovative techniques and technologies, fostering a spirit of experimentation and creativity in animation and VFX
  • Demonstrate strong problem-solving skills, particularly in addressing complex challenges encountered in animation and VFX projects
  • Adhere to industry best practices, ethical standards, and production pipelines, ensuring their readiness for professional roles in the animation and VFX sectors
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