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Dr. Ritu Karidhal

Dr. Ritu Karidhal is a Senior Scientist in the Indian Space Research Organisation with a key role in realizing the Mars Orbiter Mission, which created history of being the first mission to reach Mars in its first attempt. Being the Project Manager and Deputy Operations Director for MOM, she and her team were responsible for executing the critical operations of Leaving Earth and Capturing Mars , which could be realized flawlessly.

Dr. Ritu Karidhal has published more than 20 papers both in International and National Publications. She has been the recipient of multiple awards including “Young Scientist Award in 2007 by Shri Abdul Kalam, the then President of India, “, “ISRO Team Award for MOM in 2015”, “ASI Team Award “, “Women Achievers in Aerospace, 2017” by the Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies & Industries, “Birla Sun Achievement Award “by the Bank of Baroda. Presently, Dr. Ritu Karidhal is working on ISRO’s Moon landing mission, i.e., the Chandrayaan-2.

In recognition of Dr. Karidhal’s contribution to science in Bharat and in appreciation of her innovative endeavours of space exploration, we, at MIT World Peace University, Pune, feel privileged, today on 3rd February 2023, to confer upon Dr. Ritu Karidhal the Bharat Asmita Vigyaan - Tantragyaan Shreshtha for the Best use of Science & Technology through Innovation.

Dr. Ritu Karidhal

Rocket Woman, Senior Scientist, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

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