Tech Training Initiatives for Future Medical Professionals
Jun 25, 2024
Tech Training Initiatives for Future Medical Professionals

In a significant step forward in integrating advanced technology into medical education Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) and Dassault Systèmes La Fondation has launched two revolutionary techno-social initiatives called 'Enhancing 3D Competencies of Medical Scholars' and 'Medico-Engino Hackathon' for future medical professionals.

The first initiative, 'Enhancing 3D Competencies of Medical Scholars', offers free one-week training for medical students in various 3D technologies. This comprehensive course includes 3D printing, 3D scanning of bones and dental implants, and demonstrations of 3D experience software. It also features a seminar on the use of biomaterials. The program introduces medical students to these technologies early in their careers, equipping them for technology-based treatments and making healthcare more accessible throughout India.

The second project, the 'Medico-Engino Hackathon', brings together 30 students from diverse engineering and medical disciplines for a three-day brainstorming session. Medical students present a range of health challenges, which engineering students address by developing proof of concepts, functioning models, working tools, and software solutions.

Each team comprises three engineering students and two medical students, working together to solve a challenge. During the hackathon, 10 to 12 challenges are completed. The program aims to develop future scientists and entrepreneurs by combining engineering and medical expertise. Students interested in creating their own startups can seek advice from the MIT WPU Technology Business Incubator after solving an issue.

Informing about it Prof. Dr. Ganesh Kakandikar from MIT-WPU said, "Approximately 1000 students have trained so far through these events at numerous engineering and medical colleges throughout Maharashtra and Karnataka. Plans are underway to expand the program to other states in the coming years.

Dr. Anil Mashalkar oversees the hackathons, while Dr. Rahul Jagtap organizes the training programs. The faculty and supporting staff for these initiatives include Dr. Samidha Jawade, Dr. Abhishek Thote, Dr. Omkar Kulkarni, Dr. Shrikant Yadav, Dr. Ashish Pawar, Mr. Sachin Purohit, Mr. Alok Aundhkar, Ms. Sujata Bikkad, and Ms. Sulabha Wale. Both projects are led by La Fondation Executive Director Shri Saleem Hussain and Former Executive Director Shri Hemant Gadgil.

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