Jun 04, 2024
MIT-WPU Celebrates World Environment Day with Renowned Climate Scientist Dr. Dev Niyogi
MIT-WPU Celebrates World Environment Day with Renowned Climate Scientist Dr. Dev Niyogi

In line with the global theme of "Restore Our Earth," MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) hosted a momentous celebration of World Environment Day on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. The event, titled "Our Land - Our Future," brought together the university community, environmental leaders, and a renowned climate scientist to highlight the critical need for environmental restoration efforts.

The celebration commenced with the arrival of the esteemed guests, including the Chief Guest, Dr. Dev Niyogi, a prominent climate scientist and meteorologist from The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Niyogi holds the William Stamps Farish Chair in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences and is a leading researcher in urban climate, extreme weather events, and sustainable development.

The occasion served as a double celebration for MIT-WPU. The university was recognised for its outstanding commitment to environmental action by Earthday Network, receiving the prestigious Star Campus Awards 2022-23 in the Energy Management category. This award underscores MIT-WPU's dedication to fostering a sustainable future.

Adding to the spirit of the day, MIT-WPU recognised efforts of of the individuals who have championed environmental causes and made significant contributions towards a greener and healthier planet. These were the acknowledgement towards the tireless efforts of environmental heroes working to create a positive impact. These renowned personalities include, Dr Sadanand Raut and Dr Mrs Pallavi Raut – Vighanahar Foundation (Mission Zero-snakebite); Dr Deepak Apte – Rebnowned scientist, former Director – BNHS & MD, Shrushti Conservation Foundation; and Ms Shivani Hange – Start-up owner with innovative sustainable products.

Following the welcome addresses and felicitation ceremony, the event featured a series of thought-provoking talks by esteemed guests. Dr. Niyogi, the Chief Guest, delivered a captivating keynote address, emphasising the urgency of environmental restoration initiatives and outlining potential solutions.

The programme also included discussions and deliberations by environmental scientists, practitioners & sustainability leaders, each offering unique perspectives on restoration efforts. This exchange of knowledge fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging collective action towards a sustainable future.

The closing remarks by Dr. R. M. Chitnis, Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Dr. Milind Pande, Pro Vice Chancellor, of MIT-WPU reaffirmed the university's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. They emphasised the importance of integrating sustainability principles into education and research endeavours.

The World Environment Day celebration at MIT-WPU proved to be a resounding success. The event not only raised awareness about environmental restoration but also served as a platform for collaboration and inspiration. The day's programme provided valuable insights and encouraged the MIT-WPU community to become active participants in creating a more sustainable future for our planet. The team at Department of Environmental Studies, MIT-WPU; Dr Prasad Kulkarni – Program Director, Dr Pankaj Koparde – Program Coordinator and Dr Soma Mishra – Assistant professor; celebrated the day by distributing cards which were handmade seed papers along with seed-balls with all the attendees.

MIT-WPU remains dedicated to environmental stewardship. The university will continue to champion sustainability initiatives, promote environmental research, and empower future generations to become responsible stewards of the Earth.


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