Student Achievements

Meet Abhishek Nanaware - The Endurance King! Student, Bachelor of Business Administration (Global e-Business), MIT-WPU

Abhishek’s Achievements

Ironman Triathlon Finisher Ironman South Africa 2021 Time: 13.33.55
Ironman Finisher (2nd place) Ironman Kazakhstan 2022 Time: 12.28.15

Beginners are many, but finishers are only a few. Abhishek, may you continue to be a strong Finisher and keep the MIT-WPU torch glowing with pride!

A high endurance event like the Ironman Triathlon is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Abhishek Nanaware has proved his mettle not once, but twice already. He has achieved Finisher titles at Ironman South Africa 2021 and Ironman Kazakhstan 2022.

Here’s putting the spotlight on Abhishek’s achievements and more about becoming Ironman!


It’s no easy feat to receive the Ironman Finisher title since it requires one to finish 4 km swim, 180 km cycling and a 42 km run, all under 17 hours!

Abhishek has been training for an Ironman Triathlon for the past two years, mentored by his fitness-enthusiast father, a three-time Ironman finisher himself!

Abhishek shares his gratitude with MIT-WPU staff for all the encouragement and support he has received. He likes to emphasize that their support has driven him to always give his best!

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