Dr. Anuja Amlesh Askhedkar
Associate Professor
Dr. Anuja Amlesh Askhedkar


Dr. Anuja Askhekdar is an associate professor at MIT-WPU. She has 23 years of teaching experience.  She completed her B. E from Shivaji University in the year 1997 and her Masters from Pune University in the year 2003. She completed her Ph. D from PIET, Nagpur University in the year 2019. Her research interest includes VLSI Design, Digital CMOS Design, and Analog CMOS Design. She has published 15 research papers. She has received one patent grant for her research work.



Applied for 2 research grants - SERB POWER & SERB SURE



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  4. Madhu Gudgunti, Prof. Mrs. A. A. Askhedkar, “Implementation of a 4-Bit Direct Charge Transfer Switched Capacitor DAC and DWA DEM technique”, International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication ISSN: 2321-8169 Volume: 2 Issue: 6, pp.1679 – 1682, June 2014
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