May 01, 2024
Ramcharan School of Leadership Sends First-Year MBAs to INSEAD for International Immersion Programme
Ramcharan School of Leadership Sends First-Year MBAs to INSEAD for International Immersion Programme

First-year MBA students from Ramcharan School of Leadership recently participated in an exceptional international immersion programme at the prestigious INSEAD in Singapore, focusing on leadership and strategy. The Leadership and Strategy Programme ran intensively from April 30 to May 1, 2024. It provided our students valuable exposure to global business and management perspectives.

Designed for high-impact learning, the programme was divided into four intensive sessions spread across the two days. This structure allowed for deep engagement with the material and immediate application of learning. The esteemed programme director at INSEAD, Amitava Chattopadhyay, led three of the sessions, sharing his expertise on strategic decision-making and leadership.

Students actively participated in Amitava's sessions by engaging in case study discussions and breakout room activities. These activities involved crafting concise 2-page PowerPoint presentations showcasing product segmentation, names, slogans, packaging, and advertisements tailored to specific target markets. Additionally, students learned about the Decision-Making Unit (DMU) and applied this knowledge to a Sk-II case study by constructing a triangle framework encompassing the company, customer, and competition.

The culminating session, led by Guoli Chen, Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, focused on the renowned Blue Ocean Strategy, developed at INSEAD itself. Through case study exploration, students gained deep insights into this strategic framework. They then utilised the ERRC Framework to create presentations explaining their understanding of the strategy, which were presented to their peers.

Yani, the programme's project manager, meticulously organised the programme. Her excellent coordination and attention to detail ensured a seamless experience for the students, from managing the schedule to catering to their various needs throughout the programme.

INSEAD's world-class facilities provided an ideal learning environment. High-tech classrooms, a cutting-edge research hub library, and collaborative work breakout rooms fostered an atmosphere of dynamic learning and idea exchange. These resources facilitated an immersive learning experience, enabling students to effectively absorb course material and engage in lively discussions.

The Leadership and Strategy Programme at INSEAD proved to be a transformative experience for the Ramcharan School of Leadership students. The programme offered a unique opportunity to explore international business practices and strategic thinking at a premier institution. This exposure broadened their perspectives, enriched their academic development, and equipped them for future professional success. Their participation in the programme positions them well for both their ongoing studies and future careers.

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