Apr 03, 2024
MIT-WPU at COP28: Leading Green Hydrogen Innovation
MIT-WPU at COP28: Leading Green Hydrogen Innovation

Dr. Ratnadip R Joshi, a distinguished faculty member from MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) in Pune, was honoured with an invitation from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to attend the Conference of Parties (COP28) held in Dubai, UAE. Dr. Joshi was accompanied by a group of 15 students from MIT-WPU, who served as ambassadors for decarbonization and combating the adverse impacts of climate change.

Aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, which aims to curb greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate global temperature rise and its consequential effects such as heatwaves, erratic weather patterns, and disrupted crop yields, the students actively engaged in exploring various technological solutions during their visit. They gained insights into the initiatives undertaken by governments, organisations, and industries worldwide to reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change.

Dr. Ratnadip Joshi's contributions were particularly noteworthy. He represented India at a UN Summit focused on Technologies for Decarbonization and was also invited by the Government of India to showcase his research on affordable production of Green Hydrogen from agricultural waste at the India Pavilion in Dubai. This recognition underscored the pride of MIT-WPU in representing India on the global stage at COP28.

Furthermore, Dr. Joshi's expertise was acknowledged during COP28, where he served as an expert speaker at the India Pavilion, delivering talks on Biomass, BioMethane, and Green Hydrogen. His presentations captivated experts from Japan, Brazil, and the USA, who expressed admiration for India's strides towards a hydrogen-based economy. Dr. Joshi also had the honour of representing India in the Plenary session held in the Blue Zone at COP28, further amplifying the nation's voice on critical climate issues.

The efforts of MIT WPU in advancing green hydrogen technology were commended by Dr. Chen, a distinguished professor from China. Dr. Ratnadip Joshi presented MIT-WPU research findings on affordable Green Hydrogen production from biomass to the Chinese delegates at COP28, further fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange in the pursuit of carbon neutrality.

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