Did you know that the lottery played nowadays has a story behind it? This is the story of lottery sambad. You may not be aware of this but the lottery sambad is a really famous story among those who are regular lottery customers. The story of lottery sambad tells about how the lottery came into existence. Ever since the lottery sambad was created, a number of stories have been related to the lottery and these stories help us understand the lottery better.

lottery sambad

What is the real story of lottery sambad? 

You may have seen the story of lottery sambad in some of the old Indian films. You may also have seen it on television. In fact, you may have seen some of the winners of the lotto who were interviewed on television. In all these cases, the interviewers asked them to describe the moment when they won the lottery. The winners of the lottery then tell their tale of how they did win the lottery and what they have to do next to find out more about the lottery sambad.

You may also have seen the movie version of lottery sambad. This is the one where the story is told by the main character. The story is about a young girl who was born in a poor family in the middle of the desert.

Initial History of Lottery Sambad

The father of the family was very worried because he had never seen his daughter growing up. He took her to the nearest city, which was named "Kerala" and from there she was given a new name "Nayyana" which meant God is Great. From there she was taken care of by her foster father and lived with him for the next fifteen years. She was just fifteen when she got to know about the lottery sambad and decided that she wanted to play her share of the lottery and win the million-dollar jackpot.

When she won the million-dollar jackpot, she felt very happy. She had spent a lot of money on all the things she used to have but she knew that she was not satisfied with that. She wanted to buy a new house and start a new life. So she decided to play her part in the national lottery and become another winner with the help of her friend. She called her best friend who lives in the next town and they decided to go there and play the lottery sambad this evening.

The Game of Lottery Sambad

When they arrived at the venue, they were welcomed by a local boy who was very excited to meet them. He introduced himself as Sam Magdino and told them that he was the head honcho of the lotto syndicate that wins the national and state lotteries. He invited them to try their luck in the lottery sambad and he was going to give them a demonstration on how to play the game. As they were seated on the spot, Sam Magdino instructed them to place their hands on the counter and to start their game. As they were registering their numbers, the crowd started to laugh as the girl with the white headband and the guy in the suit reached on their hands and placed the winning numbers on the counter.

Lottery Sambad - The Final Winning Moment

The crowd erupted in laughter as the girl with the white headband and the guy in the suit reached on their hands and placed the winning numbers on the counter. Then the head clerk of the lottery shop approached them and said that they have won the national and state lottery and that they are the ones who have won the lottery sambad results today. The girl and the guys were very happy as they bought the tickets and went to celebrate.

The Final Scene - History of Lottery Sambad

The guy in the suit explained to the girl that she had won the lottery and that her name is Ashok. Then the girl got off the van and approached the gentleman in the suit, took his number, and entered into a booth where the lottery sambad was being played. As she was being scanned at the entrance of the booth, the man in the suit came out from behind and announced that she had just won the national lottery and that she would be receiving a check in her account tomorrow. Then the two exchanged cards and the girl left with her ticket. The entire scenario transpired in an instant as the cameras captured all the events as they happened live on television.

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