MIT – World Peace University, with a legacy of more than 4 decades of educating the nation’s youth, is more committed than ever to the all-round development of our students. We manage this by concentrating on not only the mental development of our students but also their physical and spiritual development as well. Using our enormous accumulation of experience teaching more than 100,000 alumni, we have devised our renowned WPU teaching method which stresses experiential learning along with academic learning, yoga and meditation courses, numerous sporting activities and multiple clubs and cultural events to cater to any developmental need faced by our students.Not only that, but MIT – WPU prides itself in its dynamic and continuously updated curriculum which ensures that the requirements of the industry and the latest in technological developments are reflected in what our students learn.

This holistic development ensures a 360 degree growth in our students, enhancing their social and leadership abilities as well as their ability to withstand, indeed shine, in the modern stressful working environment. This leads to an enhancement in their professional and personal lives. MIT –WPU is more committed than ever to create ‘future ready’ students who are responsible global citizens so that they may aid whatever organization and society they belong to and through this unique blend of pedagogy and personal growth usher in a global era of peace and harmony.