Student Clubs and Activity

Social Activity Group

Sr. No. Name of Activity Objective / Purpose of Club Number of Students in Club Faculty Coordinator Coordinator Email
1 NSS Social Service and Youth to Youth Connect  200 Dr. Nilam Pandit
2 NCC Youth Services and Social Awareness 100 Prof. Sanjay Deshmukh, Prof. Sachin Deshmukh
3 Youth Red Cross/ Blood Donation Camp Club  Soacial Activity  40 Dr. Sunil Pimplikar
4 Socail Work: Rural Immersion Shramdan for Water Conservation 800 Dr. Neelam Pandit
5 Sarpanch Parishad Dr. Girisan 
6 Bharatiya Chatra Sansad Leadership Develeopment Club  1000 Dr. Parimal Sudhakar
7 Green Campus Initiative Social Initiative on Environmental Sustainability Dr. Ramesh Dod
8 Career Counselling for Remote Areas Students By Faculty of MITWPU Career Counselling for 10th & 12th Pass Students 20 Dr. Bhutada
9 Heartfulness Club  Peace and  Meditation Group 3000 Dr. Milind Patre
10 AICHE K-12 CLUB’S Initiative Towards Social Work By Performing an Outreach in an Orphanage. Chemical Engineering 60 Dr. Vikrant Gaikwad


Sr. No. Name of Activity  Objective / Purpose of Club  Number of Students in Club  Faculty Coordinator  Coordinator Email  Number of events of the club in a year
1 Arohan    300 Dr Shantini Bokil, Chitanya Kulkarni 12
2 Abhivyakti eloqution  40 Nutan Pathak 20
3 Purushottam drama club Drama 50 Dr.Sunil Pimplikar 40
4 Firodiya Karandak club  Drama , art  50 Chitanya Kulkarni 35
5 Maunantar Karandak  Drama  50 Chaitanya Kulkarni 8
6 Mood Indigo club  Iit Bomabay yearly clutural fest  30 Arya Digrajkar    34
7 Aggaz  clutural event group 50 Chaitanya Kulkarni 4
8 Photography club  Phography  30 Dr.Preeti Joshi 3
9 Miseoen-scene Film club  film appreciation club  50 Dr Preeti Joshi 3
10 Daji kaka Karandak club  drama ,dance , music  50 Dr Sunil Pimplikar 40
11 Kallakar drama, music, art 60 Mr.Chaitanya Kulkarni 4
12 FOET - Saurabh Literature, Magezine  40 Dr.Pradya Deshpande 35
13 Umang Cultural Club  cultural activities  100 Dr.Shubhangi Gaikwad 15
14 Uday Photography club  photography 35 Dr.Jeevan Biradar 12
15 Umed Social club  social activity 25 CA Shivani Deshmukh 12
16 Utkarsh Business club  Business idea club  40 CA Bipin Palande 12
17 Shamak club To create interest in Dance    Prof. Arun Prakash 0
18 Karnad Club To create interest in theater   Prof Pritha chakravarti 0
19 Arundhati club To create interst in reading writting   chaitanya shinkhede 0
20 Bachachan club  To create interst in flims    Mithila Biniwale 0


Sr. No. Name of Activity  Objective / Purpose of Club  Number of Students in Club  Faculty Coordinator  Coordinator Email  Number of events of the club in a year
1 Young Democrats Club  Eloquation And Political Awareness 50 Dr.Preeti Joshi 5
2 Writters Web  Literature Club  50 Prof. Sandeep Pagar, Prof. Sanmit Sarkar 10
3 Aatman Club  Aatman Is The Only Mental Health Club Of Mit-Wpu, Pune, That Is Led By The Students Of The Psychology Department.  50 Dr.Preeti Joshi 5
4 Pi Club   Promotion Of Mathematics Related Activities    Dr.Prashant Malwadkar 4
5 Astrology Club  Promotion Of Astrology And Science  25     12
6 Business Club  Buissness Development Activity Club  30 Dr.Preeti Joshi 6
7 Enterprenureship  Club Entreprenureship Development  25 Prof Chetan Mungantiwar 5
8 Culnary Club  Specialised Culnary Skill Club  40 Dr.Shefali Joshi 10
9 Numerates Club Application Of Matahematics 50 Gaurav Untawale 4
10 Vegapod Hyperloop Development Of Hyperloop Train System 50 4
11 Asme Mech Engg.Student Professional Body  100 Prof. S.M.Jawade   40
12 Supra Sae India  Dyinamic And Static Automotive Related  25 Prof. S.A.,Bondar 20
13 Formula Bharat Automotive Design Group 40 Prof. S.A.,Bondar 20
16 Formula Bharat Virtuals Mech Engg. To Succefully Complete All Virtual Static Events 2020-21 31 Prof. S.A.,Bondar 20
17 Formula Bharat Mech Engg. To Succefully Complete All Static Events 2021-22 27 Prof. S.A.,Bondar 20
19 Baja Sae India To Design And Fabricate An All Terrain Vehicle  40 Shrihari .M .Bondar 25
23 Fame Baja 800 To Design And Fabricate A Two Setter Four Wheel Of Road V- Cycle Withinthe Limits Of Rule Book Provide By The Organizers Fame Baja 800 15 Mangesh Kumar Jadhav   20
24 Go Kart/ Isie/Ikr 2021-22 Prepare A Design Report Of The Go Cart For The Vartuals Round Manufacture The Go Cart Complate At The Dyanamic Events 25 Prof. Dr. Surendra Bharatte 15
25 National Electric Kart Champenship Club  To Design And Fabricate An Open Wheel Four Wheeled Electrical Go Kart Within The Limits Of The Rule Book Provide By National Electric Kart Championship And Organizers Of Creadiable Future India 2019-19 28 Prof. Dr. Surendra Bharatte 6
26 Rally Car Desgin Challenge 2019(Rc Dc) To Design And Fabricate A Two Setter Four Wheel Drive Raly Recyle Within The Limit Rule Book Provide By Rc Dc 25 Prof. Mangesh Kumar Jadhav   5
27 Etwtc Sae India South Hern Section Electric Two Wheeler Desgin Championship 2019-20 Desgin Electric Two Wheeler Motor 10 Prof.P. D Sonawane   7
28 Technocrat -Bsc Cs Students Will Get The Platform To Showcase Their Technical Skills 110 Meghaleena Bhattacharya   5
29 Cosmos Club -To Apply Knowledge Of Various Domains To Make Astronomy Related Projects.
-To Observe And Learn More About The Astronomy And The Science.
40 Rohan Sanghai 4
30 Mit-Wpu Aiche Student Chapter Propagation Of Chemical Engg. Domain For Betterment Of Socity 200 Vaibhavi Gujarathi 8
31 Nirmittee Technical (Civil Engg.) 1500 Rohit Patil   40
32 Lawriors (The Cultural Committee Of School Of Law) Teachers' Day Celebration, Parichay (Freshers') And Flash Mob 21 Ms. Sakshi Deshmukh 2
33 Literary And Debate Commitee (School Of Law) Trivia, Debate Competition, International Mother Language Day Celebration 15 Ms. Aayushi Rai 2
34 The Occult (Organizing Committee Of School Of Law) Mystique - Inter-Departmental Fest, Constitution Day Celebration, Human Rights Day Celebration, World Consumer Rights Day Celebration, And Extending Support In Orginizing Other Co-Curricular Events At School Of Law 44 Ms. Jahnavi Khandare 2
35 Google Developer`S Student Club Awareness And Connect With Google Development Platform 150 Prof. Dr. Sumegh Tharewal, Harshad Juikar( Fy Msc Blockchain), 12
36 Micro-P Awareness Of Semiconductors And Microprocessors 120 Dr.Anagha Deshpande,Dr.Neha Sathe 5

Co Curricular Club

Sr. No. Name of Activity  Objective / Purpose of club  Number of Students in club  Faculty Coordinator  Coordinator Email  Number of events of the club in a year
1 Team Nemesisi  30
2 Team Innovators Hub  50
3 Women Engineers Club  to  promote woemn engineers  60 Dr.Vrushali Kulkarni 2
4 Chem-E-Car Team, MIT-WPU 15
5 Shutter Bugs  50
6 Vega Pod Hyperloop 35
7 Robocon 60
8 Team Supra  35
9 Team Baja  30
10 Smart India Hakethon 
11 Texyphyre 1000
12 Team Go Carting  30
13 Team Dart  Team DART is a motorsports team of MIT World Peace University which annually participates in a competition named Rally Car Design Challenge (RCDC) organized by professional industry sponsors
14 Team Codex  
15 GitHub & GNU Understand the main ideas behind the most widely used learning algorithms in the industry: decision trees and random forests. Know how to build predictive models from data, analyze their performance and deploy to production with APIs.
16 Technocrat’18 To provide a platform for students to showcase their programming skills, project ideas, creative skills and technical knowledge
17 Innovators club  30 Dr.Parul Jadhav
18 Environmental club  water conservation awareness club 30 Prof. Anjali Askhedkar
19 Sustaiability club  Bamboo reserch sustability club Prof. Surabhi Razdan

Sports Clubs

Sr. No. Name of Activity  Objective / Purpose of Club  Number of Students in Club  Faculty Coordinator  Coordinator Email  Number of events of the club in a year
1 Indoor and Outdoor  Rowing club  fitness sports practice and statelevel competions  30 Dr.Mrudula Kulkarni 4
2 Trecking club    30 Rashmi Warke  
3 NCC   60 Sanjay Deshmukh  
4 Summit sports    1000 Popat Dhanve  
5 MIT Cricket club    50 popat Dhanve  
6 Aquatics club   20 popat Dhanve  
7 Basketball club   40 popat dhanve  
8 Foot ball club    35 popat dhanve  
9 Mountaineers club   30 Prof Gunale  
10 Event management club BBA management of events and organisation skills  90 Prof. Priyanka     
11 Uddan Sports club  sports activity  35 CA Sidheesh Wairkar    5
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