Team Piranha Racing’ is the official BAJA SAE team of MIT-WPU. We are dedicated towards designing and manufacturing an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for competing in BAJA SAE competitions worldwide. The team consists of about 30 aspiring engineers from the first year to the final year aiming to build the best BAJA SAE car in the world. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the best BAJA SAE team in the world. In seeking to achieve this, we hope to promote a culture of applied learning, encourage students to pursue exciting careers in engineering and also imbibe in them a sense of teamwork and dedication


As a part of Piranha Racing, students get acquainted with the latest computer design and analysis softwares like SOLIDWORKS, Ansys, Hypermesh etc. Students also learn innovative manufacturing and fabrication processes along with various validation and testing methods.

The team has participated in BAJA SAE Korea (2014), BAJA SAE Rochester, USA (2016) and BAJA SAE Maryland, USA (2018) as part of international events along with various national events like BAJA SAE India and Enduro Student India.