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SUMMIT is MIT-WPU’s national level inter college sporting mega event which sees participation from all across India. Representing the absolute pinnacle of inter college sports, SUMMIT comprises more than 15 sporting events including football, cricket, volleyball, rowing, swimming and carom. There are cash prizes for each of the 15 categories which are further divided into male and female where mandated. Those participants from MIT-WPU benefit from the strong sports infrastructure and the dedicated faculty we have to aid our students excel at sports.

SUMMIT is the culmination of MIT-WPU’s emphasis on sporting culture and the inculcation of physical fitness and sporting ethics in our student body. It is a very large event regularly attracting over 3800 sporting individuals from over 80 colleges across the nation a year. This year will mark the 15th year of SUMMIT. MIT-WPU believes that only healthy bodies are capable of housing healthy minds and for that sports does and will continue to play a keen role in the development of the students of MIT-WPU.

MIT-WPU, Faculty of Liberal Arts Science and Commerce organizes the two days Sports event “HOOP IT UP” a state level Inter-collegiate Basket Ball Tournament on the occasion of Sports Day which coincidentally is the birthday of Prof. Rahul V. Karad, Executive President, MIT-WPU, Pune.

Basketball is a team sport that is very popular among the youth. It teaches teamwork, leadership skills and pays attention to the individual skill of the player. MIT-WPU recognizes the appeal of the sport and its utility in teaching very important life skills to its students and has therefore come up with the state level Basketball tournament called ‘Hoop It Up’. It attracts over 50 teams from colleges across Maharashtra.

Sports Fiesta is an inter college sporting event that focuses on the city of Pune. Boasting of multiple events such as badminton, football, basketball Sports Fiesta is the perfect platform to showcase the healthy competition and skills of the student body of Pune. Inaugurated with a view to foster a sporting spirit within the students of MITWPU and to bring together the porting youth of Pune city, especially when they must face off against their city rivals, which always makes for a thrilling match, this event is received with much anticipation among the many colleges of Pune.

The objective of the Teachers’ League is to promote the spirit of sportsmanship in the teaching staff and to encourage fitness and health awareness. MITWPU believes it is the responsibility of the faculty to spread awareness about the importance of sports activities and to encourage the students to engage themselves in various sports. Thus, the faculty, can and must take active efforts to achieve this and the way to do so is to participate in a sporting event that caters exclusively to the staff and faculty of MIT-WPU. This event is a hit among the teachers as well as the staff at MIT-WPU.

Sports have always played a key role in nation building. And we at MIT WPU, through this unique initiative Teachers’ League, aim to contribute in a small way in bringing the society together and to attain peace for mankind. Thus our motto “United with Sports for World Peace!”

MIT-WPU believes in physical fitness not only for our students but also for our faculty as well. A sport is an excellent conduit to channelize frustration and to forego stress. The Teachers’ League is one of its kind and the first ever platform to bring together teachers across all fraternities under one roof for sports. The Teachers’ League provides an opportunity for the faculty to showcase their skills by actively engaging in sports and recreation.