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Dr. P. G. Dhanave
Department of Sports & Physical Education

Dr P G Dhanave has been at the forefront of sports in MIT-WPU for almost 3 decades now. Understanding the deep connection between academics and sports, Dr. Dhanave received his PhD in the field of Physical Edu. & Sports and received the silver medal in his MPEd as well as a gold medal for his BPEd. He himself is a national player as well as referee panel/official of the prestigious national sports associations. His consistent efforts have ensured that MIT-WPU has some of the best college teams in cricket, football, volleyball, wrestling and basketball in Maharashtra who have won many accolades in national sporting events.

Dr. Dhanave is responsible for some of the biggest college sporting events of India, including the prestigious SUMMIT. He is also responsible for understanding that along with students, the staff and faculty of MIT-WPU can also benefit from the sporting culture and has thus created a sporting event exclusively for them called the MIT-WPU Teacher’s League.

A national level softball player as well as a university level wrestler and volleyball player, Dr Dhanave believes that sports should be practiced by all individuals of all age groups and that playing a sport helps ensure the cultivation of culture within a person. He is always willing to push the boundary of personal development of the students and helping them achieve individual excellence through the medium of sports.