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The Sports Culture at MIT-WPU is enmeshed with the philosophy of MIT-WPU. Believing that a healthy body can act as a temple for a healthy mind and only through the inculcation of such a mind and a body can we bring about peace for mankind, MIT-WPU has actively supported sports and sporting activities for our students. MITWPU believes that sports and extra-curricular activities are as important as studies when it comes to the development of the student. They are excellent experiential experiences which teach an individual about leadership, teamwork, the importance of practice and the importance of routine; all characteristics that we wish to imbue our students with. Consequently MIT-WPU has a dedicated sports department, a fully functioning gymnasium, fields for football and cricket, volleyball and basketball courts and arena for wrestling and ‘Kabaddi’, carom and table tennis rooms among many other facilities all geared towards facilitating sports among our student body. The numerous awards won by our students as well as their record of excellence in academics can attest to the success of the MIT-WPU Sporting culture which is imbues in all our students.