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Prof. Dr. Anup Kale
Associate Dean
Prof. Dr. Anup Kale


We welcome young minds to the School of Science and Environmental Studies at Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU). The number of career options available to students of Environmental Studies have grown exponentially as technology and industries have advanced. From vast opportunities in research to opportunities in innovation and technology, environmental studies provides a dynamic work environment rich in specialisations and opportunities to explore. The faculty members at the Department of Environmental Science work hard to achieve the mission of imparting innovative skills and value-based quality education through academic excellence and research experience at leading institutions in India and abroad.

The various fields in Environmental Sciences are highly interdisciplinary and backbone of the environmental well-being of any country. Various industries are in need of professionals in the field of environmental studies for a number of initiatives and projects. The MSc Environmental Science programme is a highly specialised and interdisciplinary programme that aims at developing students’ skill sets and making them highly competitive and ready for the industry.

Understanding the industry and how to excel in it after earning a degree are critical components of future success. This is where we help our students improve their skills and domain knowledge. This has resulted in our students being placed in top companies with competitive salaries. At MIT-WPU, we lay the groundwork for you to grow and expand your understanding and knowledge in your career. We provide our students with industry internships as well as in-house research projects based on current industry and societal challenges. Our students publish research articles and present their work at international conferences on a regular basis. Furthermore, we train and mentor our students in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. This has resulted in successful university-sponsored projects in Hackathons, which have resulted in start-ups and patents.

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