Department of Environmental Studies




The Department of Environmental Science at MIT-WPU has a resolute mission to cultivate the professionals of tomorrow, individuals who are dedicated to contributing towards the betterment of our planet through informed decision-making and active engagement in environmental preservation. The postgraduate programme is meticulously structured to impart students with a comprehensive understanding of the various facets of environmental science and conservation. It employs application-oriented pedagogies and offers a diverse range of electives, guest lectures, skill-enhancing modules, career assistance sessions, seminars, workshops, national and international tours, and more. Its well-rounded curriculum is designed to provide students with a truly experiential & collaborative learning environment, coupled with invaluable industry exposure. The Department has forged collaborations with government agencies and non-governmental organisations, which pave the way for internships and hands-on projects. In the second year of the programme, students gain critical industry and research experience through internships and research projects, effectively.


Our Objectives

  • To equip students with a deep understanding of environmental science, covering topics such as environmental chemistry, ecology, pollution, climate change, and sustainable development.
  • To provide students with a broad understanding of environmental issues and the skills needed to work collaboratively with experts from different disciplines, such as engineering, social sciences, and economics.
  • To cultivate leadership and innovation skills in students through coursework, fieldwork, and research projects.
  • To instill in students a sense of responsibility and ethical awareness, preparing them to be leaders in the field of environmental science and sustainability.
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