The MIT-WPU Department of Chemistry is committed to excellence in teaching and research in the field of chemistry.

The department aims to solidify the foundations of chemistry through a combination of theoretical and practical exposure, and to carry out high-quality research in the various branches of chemistry.

The department is also dedicated to promoting the application of knowledge for innovation in chemistry and to creating individuals with a strong understanding of chemistry for the greater good of society.

Our Objectives

  • To develop minds inquisitive about Chemist and the world around.
  • To train students to think in a scientific manner and carry out scientific investigations to draw verifiable conclusions.
  • To develop the skill of effective communication of scientific ideas, and arguments in multiple ways.
  • To innovate ways of application of scientific ideas, technological and otherwise for the betterment of human beings.

Major Career Tracks

  • Chemist/Technologist
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales & Development
  • Startups
  • Marketing
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