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Prof. Milind Patre
Associate Dean
 Prof. Milind Patre


Never before in our lifetime that we have experienced and still been experiencing the limitation of each and every system of medicine and at the same time the need to build inner resilience by restoring the equilibrium of the body, mind, heart and soul, which is possible only by learning ‘The Art and Science’ of Yoga.

MIT Group of Institutions have a rich heritage of Yogic Practices since its establishment in 1983, and as a rightful recognition for this sustained efforts, with the MIT World Peace Centre, Alandi, Pune receiving the prestigious UNESCO Chair for Democracy, Human Rights and Peace, the Yoga received further impetus. In fact, two decades before The International Day of Yoga began being observed in over 175+ countries in 2015, MIT Pune went on to propagate it passionately amongst all its students, staff and faculties since 1996.

Yoga is going to be of crucial importance in the post covid era and I am sure that through the postgraduate programme, M.Sc. (Yoga and Meditation), the students will receive the highest learning possible to integrate the philosophical and therapeutic aspect of Yoga in their everyday lives. They will also be prepared to stand true to the professional requirements in the field and open up multiple professional avenues in various institutions, corporates and governmental and non-governmental bodies.

I encourage students to make the best use of this Golden Opportunity to not only Create Excellence and abundance in their own lives, but also to meaningfully contribute in the lives of millions of people, thereby fulfilling the Ultimate Goal of human life, the Service to Mankind, and creating a life of affluence and abundance in the process.

I wish you every success and good luck..!!

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