Department of Clinical Science




In response to the pressing demand for proficient Clinical Psychologists amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Clinical Sciences inaugurated the esteemed M.Sc. Clinical Psychology programme in 2021. This two-year, full-time course was strategically designed to cater to the burgeoning interest among students, positioning Clinical Psychology as a highly sought-after field of study. Through this comprehensive programme, students gain deep insights into the intricacies and expansiveness of this domain, acquiring essential skills pivotal for a thriving clinical practice. The department is dedicated to fostering equal opportunities for all and nurturing a culture of inclusivity within the academic fraternity.


Our Objectives

  • To equip students with knowledge, skills, and research aptitude to complete an entry-level position in the industry or pursue higher education.
  • To engage in innovative activities by using ingenious thinking to envision better ways of accomplishing professional goals.
  • To develop the ability to function effectively both as a team member and as a leader at the workplace and demonstrate appropriate interpersonal behavior.
  • To develop the skills, knowledge, and ethics as future professionals in the field of Clinical Psychology.

Major Career Tracks

  • Employment Counsellor
  • Psychology Program Manager
  • Social Service Manager
  • Developmental Specialist, and
  • Human Resource Analyst
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