The Department of Civil Engineering fosters a deep understanding of the engineering field, emphasising creativity and razor-sharp analytical skills. The department inspires and instil in students the values of discipline and teamwork. It places a strong emphasis on cultivating a robust research ecosystem, equipping students with the ethical values of integrity and social responsibility as well as technical skills essential for thriving careers in civil engineering. In its pursuit of excellence, the department has crystallized its educational objectives to encompass a holistic understanding of all aspects of civil engineering. The educational objectives of the Department of Civil Engineering underscore the importance of practical knowledge, ensuring programme-specific outcomes. Graduates become adept at effectively addressing engineering challenges and taking on roles that are both innovative and result-driven. The department fosters a well-rounded education and comprehensive professional development for aspirants, preparing them for excellence in the field of civil engineering.


Our Objectives

  • To develop globally recognised ethical, responsible civil engineering professionals contributing to nation-building.
  • To achieve academic excellence in solving problems in civil and environmental engineering.
  • To promote higher education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship amongst graduates for contributing in infrastructure development.
  • To inculcate social responsibility, ethical behaviour, and professional industry practice through partnerships.
  • To be a centre of excellence collaborating across other disciplines.

Major Career Tracks

  • Intelligent Transport System
  • Sustainable Construction Materials & Management
  • Intelligent Irrigation Technologies
  • Robotics & Automation in Civil Construction
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