Legal Aid Clinic

MIT-WPU believes that we are a part of society and we must do our bit for society.

The Legal Aid Clinic is a noble initiative by the School as its contribution to society. The platform aims to provide a ray of hope to those who have been deprived of legal representation and justice for a very long time. Talking about the benefits for students serves as the best method to learn practically. Students who are a part of this get first-hand experience in dealing with clients and giving them legal advice. 


Moot Court

Before facing the actual court, a Moot Court serves as a platform where they can practice.

A Moot Court Cell is established to nurture the student’s interest in the activity of mooting and facilitate them to understand the core aspects of legal research. The court helps them acquire a proper experience of contemporary legal issues and case development.


The Centre of Constitutional Law and Public Policy

It is a platform for students wherein they get an opportunity to learn about the current issues

And freely express their thoughts on the same with free speech, religious disputes, same-sex marriage, criminal justice, etc. It is a type of simulation setup which is transparent and welcoming for any student to express their opinion on a subject freely. Students get a broader perspective of relevant issues which will help them in their research and practice of law

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