School of Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Engineering

Head of School


Prof. Dr. Kiran D. Patil

Professor and Head

Message from HOS

The School of Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Engineering is established in 2018 under umbrella of MIT World Peace University, Pune. This is essentially a confluence of unique, diversified and multidisciplinary domains of Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Engineering. We have around 40 Faculty members with expertise in diversified areas of specialization and working in the frontier areas of research such as reaction engineering and catalysis, refining and petrochemicals, environmental engineering, process modelling and simulation, reservoir engineering and simulation, petroleum production engineering, well engineering, drilling engineering, biopolymers, green composites , liquid crystalline polymers, polymer synthesis, mould design and polymer processing and rheology etc.We run UG, PG and PhD level programs in Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Engineering. Prof Kiran D Patil is the young dynamic leader of the school and Dr Shailendra J Naik is the Head for Petroleum Engineering, Dr. Vikrant Gaikwad is Head for Chemical Engineering and Dr. Deepti Marathe is Head for Polymer Engineering program.

At School, we strive to develop engineers into global citizens with sound values. Challenges are opportunities for engineers who are best prepared with problem solving skills to tackle the challenges for a better and sustainable world. The breadth and versatility of their training will continue to open many new opportunities for them in the future.

Our B. Tech Programme is based on the three cardinal principles of providing social context to education, giving maximum choice to the students when it comes to choosing their own career path and encouraging active learning as implemented through our famed WPU Method. The B.Tech program is a total of 4 years divided into 12 trimesters and around 175 credits, which are earned throughout the 4 year period. The village immersion program, national study tour, active learning methods like Problem Based Learning (PBL), Experiential Learning and Collaborative Learning are the special features of our program. This ensures that the engineering students of the of MIT-WPU are developed into world-class engineers and technologists by providing them with a broad-based education, team building skills, and professional values in a nurturing as well as the creative learning environment. This program is truly blending of latest industry trends with a fundamental knowledge base in Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Engineering.

Our primary objective is to provide a well-rounded engineering education that prepares our students to be employable professionals. The curriculum provides a sound foundation in basic sciences, engineering disciplines and communication skills. Our school has excellent infrastructural facilities for training students in this interdisciplinary program. The students are trained by our highly qualified, experienced and competent faculty in an atmosphere which is highly conducive for Teaching-Learning process. This confluence of various streams and exposure to real-life problems through compulsory in-plant training (internships) modules, workshops, in-house projects, projects in collaboration with research organizations and/or industries has provided a wider spectrum of employability sectors, achieving key positions in industries at national and international frontiers. We stress the importance of the latest relevant software and to that end the students are given practical hands-on training on the latest software used by Industries such as CMG, IPM, Ecrin, ROXAR, Landmark, ASPEN PLUS, HYSYS, HTRI, COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS, and MATLAB, FRAC PRO, MOLDEX-3D, CATIA, VEL, T-SIM, and B-SIM.

Our School strives to maintain our traditionally strong links with industry through interactions spanning consultancy, sponsored research and continuing education. Annual Industry Institute Interaction Programme and a number of other student-centric activities that are organized throughout the year by the MIT-Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Student Chapter and the Petroleum Engineering Department, provides an ideal platform for students to interact with professionals from oil and gas industry. The Chemical Engineering department has been granted one of the Student Chapters of the prestigious American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in 2018, only eleven of the kind. At MIT, the AIChE student chapter provides a voice for undergraduates in department affairs, encourages the professional development of students through seminars workshops and events concerning graduate school applications, job hunting, and professional life in industry. The Polymer Engineering department has an active student chapter of Indian Plastic Institute (IPI). This student chapter helps the Polymer Engineering students to interact with long term and continuous interaction with industries and research institutes and has resulted in immense opportunities for internships and career advancements. We have a presence of ONGC Chair in our School along with MoU’s with leading companies for promoting quality in Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Engineering graduates. The students are also deputed to four to six week’s summer or winter internships to understand the working environment of the industry. They are encouraged to carry out their projects on live data with the support from alumni and industry.

Here at MIT-WPU, we believe in the holistic growth of our students and to facilitate that we have numerous activities for their benefit. The WPU Method stresses on peace studies under which we encourage students to find their own harmony by conducting Yoga Classes and classes which teach the wisdom of saints and philosophers so that our students are firmly grounded in ethics and morality. We carry various outreach programs like our Rural Immersion program under which our students are taken to rural areas in order for them to understand the everyday issues of the people there while they are tasked with using their acquired engineering skills to find cheap and reliable solutions for them. We encourage our students to partake in sports and to that end we have active sporting events along with well-stocked sporting gear for various sports and fields to cater to football, cricket, basketball, swimming and many others!

I wish all our budding Engineering students a pleasant and successful four years at MIT WPU’s School of Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Engineering.

I hope to see you all in class soon!

Dr. Kiran D. Patil
Professor and Head,
School of Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Engineering
Tel. No: +91-20-25703512