School of Mathematics
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B.Sc. Computational Mathematics & Statistics

B.Sc.(Computational Mathematics & Statistics) is a blend of three strong pillars of current high tech education.

M.Sc. (Mathematics)

The M.Sc. (Mathematics) degree prepares the students for higher studies, school and college level teaching jobs, civil services, research in Statistics and to work with finance or software industries.

M.Sc. (Statistics)

This program is designed to develop student’s knowledge of identifying and applying major statistical tools.

School of Mathematics & Statistics


The sciences and Engineering are nothing more than an evolved application of mathematics principle and equations. Thus the engineer and the scientist are only as good as their math is fortunately, MIT-WPU has a dedicated mathematics department for precisely that reason.
Mathematics is essential in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, finance and the social sciences, applied mathematics has opened up new avenues in the field of statistics and game theory.
Our M.Sc. (Statistics) program enables a detailed understanding of numerical and graphical data summary. It provides an insight into understanding the world geographically, socially etc. in items of weather, population, employment, birth-death ratio. It also helps in organized problem solving such as collecting, analyzing and drawing conclusions.
The M.Sc. (Mathematics) program helps students to develop technical skills and expertise in the field of analytics which has increased manifold with the advent of E-Commerce and Social Media



National Mathematics Day

Competitive Exams / Mini Projects Training

Introductory Workshop on Tableau

Symposium on Computational Mathematics organised by the School of Mathematics & Statistics