School of Government Library

MIT-WPU School of Government Library is a unique Library at the MIT-WPU Campus, established in the year 2005 to assist users of the MITSOG. The library has a collection of over 3311 books, related to Politics, Governance, Public Administration, Development Administration, Rural Development, Economics, Human Rights, History, Education, Sociology, Social Science, Panchayat raj, Leadership, and Governance. Additionally the MITSOG library subscribes to 23 Journals and Magazines each year, and also has unique collections of 550 DVDs of Eminent guest sessions who have visited the institution and conducted interactive lectures in the classroom. There are Press Coverages files of the  guests visited, record of Event Reports, Students study tour  Report, and other reading Material  at this Library.

The Library is recognized as an accessible and exceptional center of research, learning, and creativity focused on student development. Best of contemporary and traditional research tools, unique local resources (including eminent guest lecture DVDs and Press Coverage’s), and State of the art facilities for the student community are some unique facets of library work to ensure that all its members are effective information users. We aim to develop leaders utilizing their talents to achieve excellence in nation building.

The purpose of MITSOG Library is to work as a unit archiving knowledge and information. Since the basic function of the library is to select, acquire and disseminate the books/documents/CDs and other information useful for course participants/students, faculty members, visiting faculty, staff of MITSOG, so that their intellectual, moral educational academic research and creative needs are taken care of and they are equipped with latest knowledge in their field of study.

“This is not a mere library but it’s a knowledge bank. All the persons who need training first are the one who are into government and governance. This knowledge bank is a tool to enhance vision and exposure of future leaders.” – Sri Devendra Phadnis

“SOG Library is thoroughly a complete one – selection of books, video clippings and best part the case studies really enrich each one …….” – Sri Vinod Tawade

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Working Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
Saturday – 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Sunday – Holiday


Title Collections: 2675


Total Volumes: 3311

Technical journals

Journals: 23
Newspapers: 18

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