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School of Film Studies

MIT-WPU School of Film studies is proud to announce its inaugural batch which begins this year. Under great stalwarts such as Ramesh Meer, Makarand Malawe, Priya Krishnaswamy and Narendra Singh amongst many others, MIT-WPU has decided to include direction, editing, cinematography, sound design and screenplay in the list of courses it offers to aspiring artists.

With the integration of the world at hand due to the digital age we find ourselves in, the act of recreating the essence of human struggle, of romance, of essentially the entire gamut of human emotions along with understanding the complexity of the world we find ourselves is fast becoming a necessity for us to understand the human experience.

That perfect blend between art and science which helps us record and recreate such experience and inner emotions is called Film Studies and we are here to teach these skills to all the gifted youths with a desire to tell a story utilizing this medium. Come study under top media professionals who will bestow the gift of storytelling on the silver medium to you.



Director is the one who dream about the cinema in Making and make it happen by bringing together everyone. This specialization will help one to enhance the skills of direction.’


Editing is the technical skill required to make the film ready. With newer technology of editing, this is the most preferred specialization in Film Studies for who love editing.


Cinematography is the essence of Cinema and if you love capturing the moments through the lenses then surely this specialization is for you.

Sound Design

If you love to listen to ambience, background more than to dialogues, then this tool is for you.


If you love thinking and writing about the story­lines and scenes, then this is an apt specialization for you.


Ramesh Meer
Chairperson, MIT-WPU School of Film Studies

Ramesh Meer is a graduate in Cinema from the Film and Television Institute of India passing out in 1966. He has produced and directed feature films. teleserials and innumerable corporate and advertisement films. He is the CEO of The FX Factory, a company involved with creation of visual effects for films and television. His company also provides complete production as well as post production facilities for making films digitally, which includes 4K, 2K and High Definition cameras to finally transferring the data on 35 mm and 16 mm negative as well as direct Cinevator positive prints.