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MIT-WPU School of Design

Design is an enabler and to design is very human. The agenda for enabling peace through value-based integral education and to sustain it can be addressed by human-centered design interventions beyond effectively making these user-centered. Meeting the criteria for design and design education that could be derived from grand challenges that influence the well-being of individuals, societies and the habitability of the planet make the pursuit of learning relevant, long-lasting and meaningful to humanity.

In this broad learning context, the MIT-WPU School of Design, is poised to offer world-class design education through a 4yr full-time undergraduate Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) degree. This is offered across Product Design(PD), User Experience Design(UX) and Visual Communication Design(VC). Within B.Des., while the students are driven to make creative abilities their forte, the curriculum also urges them to do so responsibly and stay relevant to the times.

MIT-WPU School of Design wishes to achieve these by leveraging and humanizing technology, striking partnerships with industry and academia, enabling social innovation and having a coherent design research-driven agenda across all these efforts.

Study Programmes

B. Des. Product Design

Product Design is concerned primarily with the relationship between products, systems and those who use them.

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B. Des. User Experience Design

User Experience has a vital role in the success and effectiveness of any Product, Application, and Service.

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Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design is Bytes of the eminent personalities/ guests visiting various schools,

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Meet the HoS

Welcome to MIT-WPU School of Design!
I feel privileged and glad to experience the start of MIT-WPU School of Design with the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) Program offering Product Design and User Experience Design.The birth of MIT-WPU School of Design is the birth of an idea of what we mean and stand for in the design landscape, locally, nationally and internationally.