Dr. Jyoti Ajit Pandit

Head, School of Chemistry

Meet the HOS

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School of Chemistry

Basic sciences are the foundation for applied sciences. Among basic sciences, Chemistry is a very important subject as all matter is made up of chemicals, so a study of chemistry is the study of everything which exists. Chemistry is a creative and imaginative subject which describes the structure, properties and behaviour of matter at a molecular level. The subject of Chemistry has many opportunities in industry and research.

The department runs course ‘Chemistry’ for students of all branches of engineering at F.Y.B.Tech level. The topics included have applications in various engineering fields and contributes strongly to the built ability of students in designing and developing of solutions to complex as well as day to day life problems. The department runs courses such as ‘Physical and Inorganic Chemistry’ as well as ‘Organic Chemistry’ for students of Chemical and Polymer Engineering and ‘Oil Field Chemistry’ for Petroleum Engineering at S.Y.B.Tech level. To impart the knowledge of fundamentals of Chemistry, bridge course is introduced for laterally admitted students.

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The school also wish to offer open elective courses and certificate courses which will add to the knowledge of students of all streams and help them in their overall development and make them employable. All chemistry courses have an emphasis on laboratory component. The chemistry laboratories well equipped. The School has qualified faculty with excellent teaching record.

The School of Chemistry at MIT-WPU aspires to excel in chemical education, research and characterization services. The School will always emphasise on important measures that need to be taken to enhance academic standards including innovation and improvements in curriculum, teaching-learning process and evaluation methods.