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Scholarship Information

To encourage the merit in education at Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT-World Peace University the scholarships are given to meritorious students.

The Scholarship would be in terms of concession in tuition fees.

The criteria for scholarships for various programs and categories is given in subsequent paragraphs.

Scholarship Rules

  • Scholarship is only valid for the academic year where it is announced.
  • Scholarship is not given in cash but adjusted in fees.
  • Scholarship given in all cases is in percentage of “Tuition Fees” Only.
  • Scholarship is adjusted in tuition fees only after payment of the remaining part of the fees.
  • In case of cancellation of admission, the scholarship will not be valid and the student has to pay complete full fees. Only then the student will be issued TC/ Transcript.
  • Scholarship will be effected in the said academic year subject to academic performance and good conduct and behaviour of the recipient.
  • Amount of the scholarship as percentage of tuition fees during the first year will be as follows. The figures indicate the absolute scores in the competitive examinations or percentage in 12th Board examinations.
  • To avail the scholarship, it would be mandatory for the student to ‘Apply’ for the scholarship by filling the scholarship application form.
  • The application for scholarship shall be scrutinised as per the Scholarship Scrutiny procedure of the University, updated from time to time.