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Utilizing only the most dedicated and professional faculty, MIT-WPU is dedicated to imparting a world class education to all its students.

Sports Culture for Peace

The mind is as good as the body. Keeping this in mind, MIT-WPU keenly believes that maturity and stability are greatly enhanced by the practice of playing sports.

Research Collaborations

We have numerous research collaborations with other colleges, universities and scientific institutions to further the cause of research.

Rural Immersion Program

We aim to bridge the gap between Bharat and India by undertaking various social mission to impart critical knowledge to our fellow countrymen in rural and semi urban surroundings.

Peace programs for holistic development

At MIT-WPU we encourage various initiates and programs that promote peace and harmony. The students are actively encouraged to be part of them all as they aid in the overall development of the students.

Digital Learning Technology

In this day and age, learning takes places digitally for a lot of students. To facilitate that, and to bring this wondrous tool to other students we have implemented the most advanced digital learning technologies to aid us.

Alumni Involvement

With an alumni network of over 100,000 individuals MIT-WPU is proud to state that our entire alumni work hard to maintain ties with us while actively aiding our students in their development.

Social Missions

MIT-WPU believes in spreading its accumulated knowledge for the betterment of all our fellow people. As such we undertake in various social missions with the aim of enriching the lives of both who receive the knowledge and those who impart it.

International Credit Program

The MIT-WPU Academic framework focusses on delivering Academic and Practical Knowledge to match Global Industry Requirements through highly engaged International Study Credits.

Academic Credit System (ACS)

Flexible Credit System Allowing Students to customize their eduction after firm foundation by opting for an appropriate track.

Team Teaching by Faculty

Our faculty teaches the students in a holistic way, with no subject being covered by a single professor alone. This results in us being able to devote attention to all of our students.

Continuously Updated Education (CUEd)TM

Continuously Updated Education is a way of ensuring effective learning at MIT-WPU . The CUEd system expedites adapting the latest development in each subject into the real time learning teaching

Industrial collaboration for Internship

Practical knowledge is crucial in the development of well-rounded individuals. Keeping that in mind, MIT-WPU heartily endorses and actively looks for internship for our students amongst the various industries.

National Study Program

As a part of WPU Academic Framework, National Study tours are conducted for 1-2 weeks and follow a pre-planned structure of imparting experiential learning to students. The students attain specified credits and receive Joint certificates from Institutions of repute at the end of this program.

Life @ MIT, beyond classroom

WPU has evolved a higher order learning pedagogy which combines multi-dimensional activities, Social immersion activities and development of employability & Life skills, which is balanced by stress-busting Indian practice of Yoga and Meditation.