Prof. Dr. Inder. K. Bhat
Vice Chancellor

Message From Vice Chancellor

I am pleased to note that Rural Immersion Program is being successfully implemented and students have an opportunity to get a first-hand feeling of life of people living in rural areas. Such program gives an insight about lifestyle, culture, plight and problems faced by people living in those places.

It also helps us in sensitizing our students who start thinking about how to mitigate some of these issues by providing innovative solutions. Such programs also help students to gel with their peers and create a social support system for them which in my opinion is necessary in the current over stressed community.
Such unique programs provide a rich experience, develops socially oriented mind-set, allows to analyse problems, think collectively about finding solutions and execute the plans strategically. It also provides the students an opportunity of developing strategic plans for different situations especially in absence of sufficient resources. It also provides enough food for thought about one’s own strengths and weakness and develops quality of practical leadership.
I appreciate all the teaching and non-teaching staff and students who participate in the Rural Immersion Program and hope to have a wonderful experience which they will cherish throughout their life.
Wishing all the best of life.