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Ms. Neelam Pandit
Head of Rural Immersion Program

Message from Head

Rural Immersion Program is indeed devoted to sensitize and educate urban students about social issues concerning rural people and their mechanisms to fight against all odds in their day to day lives. This is a unique program designed to transform a student into a holistic person.

It helps a student in understanding our values and traditions better.
Students from different disciplines learn not only adjust themselves in a rural background, away from comforts of their homes but also be content with scarce resources. They can implement their knowledge to solve certain problems faced by rural population and bring ease into the lives of villagers particularly farmers. The emphasis of this unique program is majorly on researching and working on ground level so that every student can contribute for sustainable development of rural community.

Rural Immersion Program is definitely a step to inculcate social values, having compassion and realizing the hardships of Rural India i.e. Bharat.